Druidry is a modern religion of Nature spirituality in which each Druid draws the divine inspiration (or Awen) that defines their spiritual practice from a combination of:

  • direct spiritual connection(s) forged between that Druid and their personal deities;
  • direct spiritual connection(s) forged between that Druid and the Spirits of Nature resident in the natural environment in which that Druid lives; and
  • the landscape, seascape, and sky-forms of the place in which that Druid lives, including the climate and seasonal cycles specific to that place.

As a Druid wildcrafting a personal Path of Druidry in the Coast Range mountains of Central California, my practices include:

  • Nature study, and stewardship practices within  the mixed evergreen forest, redwood forest, and coastal sage scrub biomes;
  • Readings  and meditations in the fields of philosophy, theology, history, mythology, ecology, and the various sciences;
  • Ritual work and development focused on spiritual formation, regular worship, and celebration of the seasons of the Coast Range Mountains of Central California (Rain, Flowers, Fog, and Fire);
  • Practice of bardic arts, inspired by my local flora, fauna, climate and geography;
  • Continual adaptation of lifestyle habits and decision-making procedures so as to live more and more honorably among my other-than-human kin;
  • Engagement in activities that seek to save, restore, protect, or otherwise improve the natural environment, in which humans are just one part; and  
  • Contemplation of how to tie all these facets of Druidry together into a cohesive whole, integrated with my life as a homeschooling mom.

In the pages and posts of this web site, you will find stories about my personal adventures in wildcrafting a personal Path of Druidry, in the Coast Range Mountains of Central California. I hope you enjoy them!