Repaving Roads with Recycled Plastic

This just in from the GoodNews Network:

CalTrans has begun repaving California’s roads, using melted, recycled, single-use plastic bottles in lieu of hot asphalt. The resulting roadways are not only more durable than those paved with traditional materials, but also reduce the use of fossil fuels, and the prevalence of plastic bottles headed for our landfills. Read more about it, here:

World Druidry Book – update!

Just for fun, here is a copy of the current rendition of the TOC for the World Druidry Book…

“World Druidry: A Globalizing Path of Nature Spirituality” by Larisa A. White

I am still striving to have the book completed by next year, Beltane-ish, about the same time as the Mt. Haemus paper comes out. Philip C-G still has to decide which bit he wants me to focus on for that paper. All of it will be in the book, though I may be a bit overly-ambitious with my deadline goal. If the work is not yet brilliant, I will delay publication of the book until it is really ready. But… it is coming!

Table of Contents

Pop Quiz  …⁠iii
An Offering of Gratitude …⁠v
Chapter 1: Concerning “Druids” ⁠…1
What does it mean to be a Druid, circa 2020 C.E.? ⁠…1
A Brief Review of Existing Literature ⁠…3
Chapter 1 Notes & References ⁠…5
Chapter 2: The World Druidry Survey ⁠…7
Participant-Researcher Background & Motivations ⁠…8
Research Design ⁠…10
Questionnaire Development Process ⁠…11
Encouraging Global Participation ⁠…13
Protecting Participant Privacy and Data Security ⁠…14
The Unprecedented Response ⁠…15
Making Sense of the Stories …⁠18
Chapter 2 Notes & References ⁠…20
Chapter 3: A Geography of World Druidry ⁠…21
Modern Druids and their Natural Environments ⁠…21
Connections to Celtic Culture and the Lands of Ancient Druids ⁠…23
Modern Druids and their Local Communities ⁠…25
Privacy & Safety Concerns of Modern Druids ⁠…25
Modern Druids at Home ⁠…42
Druidry, with Children ⁠…52
Chapter 3 Notes & References ⁠…60
Chapter 4: Crafting a Personal Path of Druidry ⁠…61
Factors Influencing Druids’ Spiritual Paths ⁠…62
The Impact of Druidry Groups & Curricula ⁠…62
Influential Authors, Books, and Media ⁠…66
The Role of Geography in the Evolution of Druidry ⁠…82
The Process of Becoming a Druid …⁠109
Chapter 4 Notes & References ⁠…110
Chapter 5: Themes & Variations in Druid Theology ⁠⁠…111
Druid Perceptions of the Divine ⁠⁠…112
The Role of Ancestors in Druidry Practice ⁠⁠…134
Religions and Spiritual Traditions Practiced with Druidry ⁠…⁠142
Spiritual Wildcrafting as a Form of Devotion ⁠…⁠150
Cultivating Relationships with the Divine ⁠⁠…151
Chapter 5 Notes & References ⁠⁠…168
Chapter 6: Druid Ritual & Devotional Practices ⁠…169
Common Ritual Practices Among Druids ⁠…⁠170
Sacred Objects in Druid Ritual & Celebration ⁠⁠…180
Places of Druid Ritual & Celebration ⁠⁠…186
Social Contexts for Druid Ritual & Celebration ⁠⁠…188
Sacred Activities in Everyday Life ⁠⁠…190
(almost complete!)
Themes & Variations in Druid Ritual & Devotional Practices ⁠⁠…197
(not yet started)
Chapter 6 Notes & References ⁠…197
Chapter 7: Druid Festivals & Celebrations ⁠…203
Druidry’s Varied “Wheels of the Year” ⁠…203
(not yet started but >spoiler< I really want to be a Druid in New Zealand!)
Chapter 8: Druidry’s Spiritual Common Core ⁠…209
(not yet started…but is really in there…in the data, in SPADES… I can’t wait to write this bit!!!)
Afterword ⁠…215
(not yet started)
Appendix A: The Survey Instrument ⁠…221
Appendix B: World Druidry Demographics ⁠…239
The Census Data ⁠…240
Appendix B Notes & References ⁠…243
Appendix C: Participating Druid Groups ⁠…245
Glossary ⁠…253
Index ⁠…264

Oases of Amazonian Rainforest (an ecosystem restoration story)

Recently posted on the BBC, this delightful video news clip tells about the work individual farmers in Ecuador are making to restore small oases of pristine Amazonian Rain Forest on their land, rather than using it for crops. It also discusses a crowd-funding idea that could help similar projects. Enjoy!

Writing the Book

Data analysis and writing for the World Druidry Survey are well underway. I just passed 42,000 words of text, not to mention all the charts and graphs and tables, and the coding — the seemingly endless coding — all of which must be completed before I can begin the statistical analyses.

I took a break, last week, from the ongoing analysis to go back and write the academically necessary but soul-crushingly boring bits about the research design and methodology.  In the coming weeks, I will finally get back to writing about the many varieties of Druid theology, among other things.

Wow! Druids are an interesting bunch. Apparently, they not only like to read a lot; they also like to write a lot! I received many hundreds of pages of meaty information from the 725 respondents who participated. Many people wrote short essays for each of the 12 long-answer questions, in addition to completing all the short-answer tick-box style questions. After having read through it all, thoroughly, once, I realized there  is more than enough rich information in there for several Mt. Haemus papers in it. So, I talked to Philip C-G of the OBOD, about it, and I will be offering one of the subtopics for my Mt. Haemus paper (he will choose which one), and all of it will become a book on World Druidry, circa 2020 c.e. Chapters (so far) are to include:

World Druidry Demographics
Privacy and Safety Concerns of Modern Day Druids
Effects of Physical & Cultural Environments on Druidry Practice
Themes & Variations in Druid Theology
Global Variations in Ritual Practice and Celebration
Sacred Duties in Druid Life
Druidry’s Spiritual Common Core

The list of chapters may change and expand somewhat, as the analysis and writing continues. New patterns and themes may emerge from the data, as I continue coding responses. So, back to work for me.

I am looking forward to sharing it all with you!