Oak Leaves & Acorns

As a druid who spends a lot of time digging in the dirt and tending plants of various types, my typical mode of dress involves bluejeans and a t-shirt, with a fleece in chilly weather, and gortex when it rains.  I have never had “druid robes” of any kind.  I had never had any intention of making any.  But then, I stumbled upon a delightful pattern for crochet oak leaves (above), and a source of equally delightful, solid-brass acorn buttons:

Acorn Buttons.jpg

And now, I feel inspired!  I have been working on a crochet-lace druid robe of my own design, since discovering these bits and bobs in February 2017.  The robe design is a top-down crochet pattern I am creating as I work.  So far, I have reached the fitted waist.  Will post photos, and pattern, when it is complete.  Stay tuned!

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