About my Personal Projects

I have divided my Personal Projects into three different categories, to make it easier to find projects of interest to the reader:

About my “Druid Work” category:

Main AltarOn my personal path of Druidry, my Druid Work focuses on cultivating wisdom through study of and meditation upon works of druid philosophy, and upon teachings gleaned directly from Nature — “readings” of the Holy Book of Nature, as it were. It also involves regularly performed rituals, and celebrations of the seasons and cycles of Nature. I share what I have learned and created, with others on paths of nature spirituality, in a spirit of respectful, mutual exchange, recognizing that every living being has a different experience, and a different perspective on life, and so every living being is both a potential teacher and a potential student.

About my “Ovate Work” category:


On my personal path of Druidry, Ovate Work involves all the in-depth, scientific studies, readings, field-observations, and experiments, which allow me to better understand the workings of the natural world, so that I may be a more effective steward of the land, sea, and sky, and a more helpful guardian and ally of the wild flora and fauna, who are my nearest and dearest neighbors.  My Ovate Work also involves paying close attention to the natural world, and learning to read the Book of Nature — divining the lessons that Nature has to teach, and learning to listen for the quiet wisdom of Divinity in Nature.

About my “Bardic Arts” category:

Druid Robe in Progress

On my personal path of Druidry, the Bardic Arts involve any art or craft that is inspired by Nature, and which expresses my personal devotion to and love of the Living Earth. Recognizing, creating, expressing, and sharing beauty are some of the ways in which I connect with Nature, and return or pay forward the freely given gifts of Nature.  It is a form of daily devotion and meditation, filling the gaps between the seasonal celebrations with a daily dose of gratitude. The foci of my bardic arts activities, at present, include: crochet, culinary arts, poetry, song-writing, and storytelling.


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