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Flower Crown Mama c:uLarisa White

Celebrant of the Coast Range Seasons (Flowers, Fog, Fire, Rain) • Ecosystem Restorationist (California Mixed-Evergreen Forest & Coastal Sage Scrub Biomes) • Biointensive Vegetable Gardener • Organic Fruit Farmer • Crochet Artist • Poet • Playwright • Songwriter • Novelist • Community Organizer • Educator • Creator and Headmistress of Quercus Academy • Member of The Druid Network • Member of the Ancient Order of Druids in America • Member of the Order of the Yew

Order of the Yew Dedication

Mother Earth and Father Sky,
Thank you for the peaceful night,
And thank you for this blessed day,
Another chance to learn, and play,
Another chance to do good work,
To build my world,
To write my book.
Lord and Lady, help me stay
Upon the Trail that you have blazed;
Help me use my moments wisely,
Choosing joy and shining brightly,
Caring for the gifts you gave,
Until my rest at close of day.
Blessed be this day!

In this moment, and each moment following,
I dedicate myself to the ongoing effort…

  • of daily readings from the Holy Book of Nature;
  • of remaining attentive to guidance issuing from Divinity in Nature;
  • of expressing gratitude for the freely given Gifts of Nature;
  • and of participating in Nature’s gift economy by earnestly working to care for the Living Earth and all Her denizens, be they beings of human-kind, flora, or fauna, or be they beings of water, or soil, or air.

I shall endeavor to return, or pay forward all favors,
to exchange blessing for blessing, to the best of my ability.

Larisa Ananda White


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