Lesson from Mr. & Mrs. Bewick Wren

A few weeks ago, the tiniest little Bewick Wren I ever saw flew out of a bush and sat on the fence while I snipped some kale for dinner, peeping at me continually, to let me know that this bit of the yard was his, that he was watching me, and that he was NOT AFRAID of me! I wondered: should I be afraid of him?

Lesson from a Redwood Grandmother

... I drove through a wall of fog to visit the coast redwoods of Muir Woods. They were sparkling in the full glory of their pale-green new growth for the year. And one of them beckoned me to touch her, and learn the reason why she lived so long...

Organic Mini-Farm

How do you grow vegetables, given native “soils” of serpentine rock and magnesium-laden adobe clay — great for building missions, but not so good for planting and growing anything other than native plants? Here's one way.

Ecosystem Restoration

The story of how we transformed a 1/3-acre plot of diseased, rat-infested, dying imported plantings into a fully-restored and self-sustaining, mixed-evergreen forest ecosystem.

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