Daily Devotions

(Pause at the edge of the ritual space to quiet the mind, ground the body, and open the spirit to the presence of Divinity. Open the altar cabinet doors OR step out into the garden, at dawn.)

I enter the Sacred Grove with reverence.
I enter the Sacred Grove in peace.

(Visualize the Sacred Grove, materializing.)

(Light the gold candle OR greet Dyéus in gesture.)

Praise Dyéus, Father of Law and Light,
Source of inspiration and sight,
Lord of the shining celestial sphere,
Master of Life and Spirit, here!

I thank you for the blessings of Nwyfre.

(Light the green candle OR greet Matria in gesture.)

Praise Matria, Mother of manifest Earth,
Churning power of heat and birth,
Builder of landscapes, shaper of seas,
Keeper of hearths and constancy!

I thank you for the blessings of Calas.

(Light the blue candle OR greet Simurgh in gesture.)

Praise Simurgh, Spirit of Transformation,
Breaker, Re-maker of all creation,
Bringer of healing, wisdom, and growth,
Creativity, awe, and hope!

I thank you for the blessings of Gwyar.

In the union of these Three
Powers of Divinity,
Are born the Kindred, we jewels of life,
Who fill the world with blessings bright.

(Light the white hearth-candle OR bring hands to heart.)


(Visualize a stream of golden energy emanating from the Heavens — filling my body with light, shimmering, starshine, as if my body were turning into a body of sunlight.)


(Visualize a stream of green energy emanating from deep within the Earth — filling my body with earthy weight and stability, as if my body were becoming a mountain.)


(Visualize a swirling stream of blue energy emanating from the vast, roiling Seas — filling my body with a sense of the immanent power of creativity, adaptability, and change.)

(Allow the three energies to mix within me, creating a shining ball of white light, which expands to fill the Sacred Grove.)

(Open hands to the wider world, allowing that energy to radiate outwards, showering blessings upon all Beings in the Realms of Land, Sea, and Sky.)

Blessed Land, and Sea, and Sky:
I thank you for the peaceful night,
And thank you for this precious day,
Another chance to learn and play,
Another chance to do good work,
To build my world, to write my book.

Holy Powers, help me stay
Upon the trail that you have blazed.
Help me use my moments wisely,
Choosing joy and shining brightly,
Caring for the gifts you gave,
Until my rest at close of day.

Deep within the still center of my being, may I find peace;
Here, within the quiet of the Grove, may I share peace;
Gently, within the greater circle of all life, may I radiate peace.

(Salute the East.)

Peace and greetings to the East,
Birthplace of the rushing winds,
Where the golden eagle soars at dawn,
With gifts of vision, scent, and song.

(Salute the South.)

Peace and greetings to the South,
Pathway of our brilliant star,
Whose soothing warmth and plays of light
Encourage us and bring delight.

(Salute the West.)

Peace and greetings to the West,
Wellspring of the mighty Sea,
Whose fog banks and rain clouds, rivers, and tides
Cleanse and refresh us, and nourish all life.

(Salute the North.)

Peace and greetings to the North,
Homeland of the ancient trees,
And patient, radiant Shasta Mountain,
Teaching us to simply be.

May there be peace within the Grove;
May there be peace throughout the World.

Awen! Awen! Awen!

Sing: “Gifts of Awen

(Morning nature divination & meditations.)

Dyéus, Father of Inspiration;
Matria, Mother of all Creation;
Simurgh, Spirit of Transformation;
Spirits of Nature, one and all:

Thank you for your steady presence, and guidance in my life.

I depart the Sacred Grove with gratitude;
I depart the Sacred Grove, in peace.

(Allow the Sacred Grove visualization to dissipate. If at altar, snuff the candles and close the altar cabinet doors. Depart the ritual space, slowly, returning to the normal course of the day.)

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