Prayer to the Kindred

Hael, my Kindred of the Land,
From jagged peak to silty strand!
Hael to the mosses and lichens that grow,
Turning rough, barren rock into soils, below.
Hael to the flowers and food plants and glades,
And old growth that offers up shelter and game.
Hael to the animals, teachers and friends,
And fungi who work to recycle all ends.

Hael, my Kindred of the Sea,
From mountain spring to ocean deep!
Hael to the seashore, its currents and tides,
Its wetlands and fishes, and seaweeds and fry.
Hael to the snowfields, and rivers that flow,
Cleansing and shaping the landscape below.
Hael to the wellsprings, and soft-falling rains,
Which nourish all life, and soothe all our pains.

Hael, my Kindred of the Sky,
From puff of cloud, to starry night!
Hael to the sun and its rich, golden dawn,
Its brilliant noon sunshine, and comforting warmth.
Hael to the songbirds, and sweet-scented breeze,
To rainbows and sunsets, and shade from the trees.
Hael to the glittering planets and stars,
Who teach us and guide us by lighting the dark.

Kindred Spirits of Land, Sea, and Sky,
Thank you for sharing, and blessing my life.
Spirits of Nature, here on Earth,
Be welcome at my Sacred Hearth!

Awen! Awen! Awen!

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