Lynx Rufus!

When engaged in a multiyear, ecosystem restoration project, starting with helping to restore the living soil, then moving on to replanting mixed evergreen forest and coastal sage scrub plants, one 1-gallon seedling at a time, then waiting, and waiting , and waiting as the years tick by… it is easy to become discouraged, to wonder if you will ever really get the whole thing right, with all the plants and animals, mycorrhizae, and forest-floor clippings in balance. It is therefore heartening when the first native birds and reptiles move in and begin to fight for ownership of the property. It is even more heartening when you start to know (and name) the individual animals, the breeding pairs and their offspring — brush rabbits, quail, and red-tail hawks.

But nothing shouts success more loudly than the long-awaited arrival of your first top predator. In our case, it was the arrival at dusk, yesterday evening, of this beautiful Lynx Rufus, who came to hunt rabbits and rodents on our property, last night:

A healthy top predator is the best indicator that the ecosystem is finally robustly in balance, with all pieces of the food web healthy and thriving. The celebration begins tonight. Drinks are on me!

3 Replies to “Lynx Rufus!”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful photo of your new neighbor! I have a strong affinity for the feline species. (My little Pooka, a black neutered Tom, is purring on my lap as I type. ) I’m very impressed with all that you do!

    1. Thank you, Brent.
      Last night, around 3am, I saw it hunting in the yard, and I must say that in that moment, I lost my (as a former house-cat-owning and cat-loving person, myself) respect for house cats who fancy themselves hunters. Our new neighbor is so incredibly lean, muscular, intelligent, powerful, and skillful at the hunt; I no longer doubt that a little lynx can take out a full-grown deer.

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