Quercus Academy – Library

As Headmistress of Quercus Academy, I have spent a lot of time and care curating a library of books and video-documentaries that will serve the needs of our young scholars.

Our lists of recommended books and documentaries – fiction and non-fiction alike – will either inspire a love of nature, or a love of travel, or love of world cultures, or of the arts. The fiction selections include heart-warming stories of children who cross cultures and bridge cultures, care for gardens and animals, and discover wonders, wherever in the world they happen to be. They also include animal tales that accurately illustrate the ways of the natural world, and human tales that illustrate the real-world experience of people of very different cultures. The non-fiction works are chosen because they are rich sources of solid information about the natural world, and the countries and cultures of the human world. The use of language is beautiful in all of these books, and the illustrations are also wonders to behold. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

For more advanced learners, we encourage our scholars to visit the adult section of our library.

Children’s Fiction for Young Druids


















































Nature Study Books for Young Druids























Nature Study Documentaries for Young Druids





























Culture Study Books for Young Druids
























































Culture Study Documentaries for Young Druids