Nature Divination

About Nature Divination:

Divination – the practice of attempting to see into the future, or into the Truth of things, by use and interpretation of various tools – is a common practice among Druids. Mostly, one hears of Druids scrying, dowsing, reading the Tarot, or casting and interpreting Runes, or the Ogham (the ancient Celtic alphabet of trees). In other cultures, divination tools may include grounds at the bottom of a coffee cup, or the pages of a tome of poetry – just ask your question, and then open to a random page and point.

But I prefer to travel light, and often, when a burning question arises, I am nowhere near an appropriate divination tool.

Instead, I have been working on developing a skill for using the signs and portents evident in the natural world for purposes of divination. I frame a question carefully, then entering a state of receptive meditation, I sit or stroll through a garden or wild-land, extending my awareness, with all six senses in a state of soft-focus, noting any signs or natural metaphors that provide an answer to my query.  After thanking the Nature Spirit(s) who provided the insight(s), I use a session of discursive meditation, to tease out as many levels of understanding as I can from the insights proffered.

In the posts of this section, I offer up the insights I have gleaned from my ongoing efforts in Nature Divination.

Read some Lessons from Nature, here!

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