Privacy Policy

Short and sweet:

I am a person; you are a person.

If you sign up for an email subscription to my blog, I will keep your name and email address on file so that I can email you an announcement each time I publish a new post in the category for which you have expressed an interest.

If you sign up to get updates/announcements for a “Voices in the Mist” Druid Gathering, I will add your name and email address to the announcements list for that event, only. When the gathering for the year you signed up for is over, all names and addresses will be deleted from my system, and I will maintain no information about you, whatsoever — unless you sign up again, on the list for the following year.

If you sign up for membership in the World Fellowship of Druids, and are accepted into that group, I will add your name and email address to my email d-list for that group. I will also use the bio information you provide to seed your member bio on the password-protected, members-only page. As with everything else, if you decide to leave the group, just email me, and I will delete your contact info and bio, and bid you a fond farewell. If you need anything changed in your bio, just let me know by email, or during our next video-chat.

My lists are maintained manually, off-line, and are never shared with anyone. You may unsubscribe at any time; simply send me a message to let me know.

That is all. If you ever get anything else, allegedly from me, please let me know, as it means that my website has been hacked, and I need to do something about that, promptly.

If I have left anything out, please just ask!

So, now that we’ve dealt with that, please, go ahead and enjoy your visit!