“Top Reasons for Loose Hands”

by Estifanos (age 8), of California, U.S.A.

“Top Reasons for Loose Hands,” is a  interesting You-Tube drumming lesson about the hands, and how to use a loose grip to play the drums. It was taught by a fantastic drummer named Rob Brown, from Toronto, Canada.

The most important things I learned from watching this video were:

  • Loose hands are important because you can get injured by banging the drums very, very hard if you have a stiff grip on the sticks.
  • There is a sweet spot close to the middle of the drum, that makes good volume if you just bounce the stick on it instead of hitting it.
  • If you lift the tip of the stick higher up, and bring it down fast (instead of hard), it makes a loud sound. And it takes very little effort.

What makes a loose grip loose is holding the stick with your thumb and middle finger, and just barely touching the stick with the other fingers, and letting the stick bounce on the drums.

Here is a picture of my drumming practice pads, with a “Loose Hands” note stuck on top, to remind me to do loose hands:

And this is a video clip of me trying to do it…

Loose Hands Practice

At the end of the video, Rob asked if people would share it with any other drummers they know. So, here’s a link to it. Please subscribe!

Home – The Movie

A beautifully rendered history of Planet Earth, what humankind has done to it, and the choices that we now have before us, as a species. By Yann Arthus-Bertrand, :

A superb (and free!) resource for Quercus Academy nature studies.

Dollar Street – A Culture Study Resource

I just stumbled upon a wonderful new resource for the study of world cultures, which is every bit as vivid and informative as are the “Families of the World” documentaries we love so well.  In this case, the resource is a web-site, which enables you to search sets of photographs of family life in different countries, for a range of different socio-economic levels within each of those countries, to get a feel “on your skin” of what life might be like to live in each of those places.  The web site can be found here:

Dollar Street

The TED talk, in which its creator, Anna Rosling Rönnlund discusses the project’s creation and its potential uses, can be viewed here: