Dances from Ireland

by Estifanos (age 7), of California, U.S.A.

The first time I saw Irish dancing, it was watching a video of the very first performance of Riverdance, on the Eurovision Song Contest:

I thought that it was a mind-blowing performance because the dancers did the footwork super good, so that it sounded like every one of the dancers were hitting the floor together. To me, it sounded like their feet were making a kind of percussion music along with the drums and the synthesizer music. That made me want to know more about Irish dancing.

Next, I took Irish dance classes, to find out how people did the footwork, to make the different noises with their feet.

The classes were okay, but I didn’t like that it was so loud in the dance studio.

After that, I watched a documentary about kids who were learning Irish dance. The youngest kid was probably about ten years old. The oldest was probably about twenty-one. The documentary was called, “Jig.” Here is the trailer:

I think that Irish dance is interesting because I like the costumes, and the hard-shoe rhythms.

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  1. I remember really loving the Riverdance shows. They were wonderful, and reminded me of other, related, dance forms: Spanish Flaminco, and American jazz tap dancing. My favorite tap dancers were Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Jane Powell. See if you can find videos of them on line.

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