It Takes a Global Village

The questions for the World Druidry Survey were finalized. The survey-data-gathering technologies had been mastered (both the web-based, SurveyMonkey software, and Adobe’s software for creating beautiful, fillable PDF forms). I was eager to begin collecting data. But the questionnaire is to be administered internationally, and it is important that versions of the questionnaire be prepared for all major world languages, so that respondents can read and respond to the questions in the language with which they are most familiar. Unfortunately, I do not speak all the languages of the world. I therefore needed help.

I created computer-translations of the survey form, from English into French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese using the highly respected DeepL translation software, but even the best computers will make mistakes, and it was important to me that the questions — which ask people to think about and express their ideas about very personal issues — would be clearly and politely formulated. I therefore posted a request on the OBOD and AODA forums for translation advisors who could read the English version of the survey side-by-side with another language, and help me correct any linguistic or cultural errors.

And the Global Village of Druids came through for me, in magnificent style! As of today, I have complete, beautifully translated versions of the survey available in all six languages.

This survey research project could not have been undertaken without the generous, careful, and thoughtful work of a wonderful international team of volunteer translators. My thanks go out to:

  • Uta Frieling of Germany (for German translations, for asking me the hard, cross-cultural questions that I did not know I needed to ask, and for troubleshooting the technology, and helping me figure out how to get SurveyMonkey to do a multilingual survey)
  • Eva Leenknegt of Belgium (for Dutch/Flemish translations)
  • David Olivier Creuze of France (for French translations)
  • Rebecca Trinidad of the United States (for Spanish translations)
  • Atilio Baroni Filho of Brazil – (for Portuguese translations)

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