World Druidry Survey – The Analysis Begins!

The World Druidry Survey is now closed. The SurveyMonkey account has been cleared of all data, and all data has been downloaded onto my private server, and backed up for safekeeping.

I am half way through cleaning up the data now, anonymizing all the entries, and getting the data Dedoose-upload-ready.

After deleting all the “respondents” that were either:

  • offensive, fake email addresses with no data attached (yourenodruid@gmail, etc.); or
  • duplicate responses, with every check-box and long-answer repeated, verbatim, as if submitted by people who wanted their responses to carry more weight than everyone else’s responses; or
  • responses that included only predictor-variable data, but no response-data (as in: I’ll tell you where I live, and how old I am, but nothing at all about my beliefs or activities as a Druid); or
  • the one person who responded to every question with the words: “This is too personal a question; I am not going to answer it.”

I still have 725 completed surveys to work with in the final analysis.

This is an amazing data set. My thanks, again, to everyone who took the time to participate, and to provide such detailed and thoughtful replies!

And so, the analysis begins…

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