World Fellowship of Druids

The World Fellowship of Druids is a group of practicing Druids – widely dispersed across the face of the Earth – each actively wildcrafting his or her personal Path of Druidry, in the specific landscapes, seascapes, and sky-forms of the place in which s/he currently happens to live. We gather regularly, in a spirit of friendship, to encourage and support one another as we forge ever-stronger connections with our environments and their Sprits of Place.

The focus of our discussions is on the ways in which our paths of Druidry are evolving and changing due to the specifics of our local cultural and ecological niches. We study and discuss our varied seasonal cycles and local ecologies. We discuss, plan, and implement strategies for living more lightly on the Earth. And, we laugh a lot.

When We Meet

The World Fellowship of Druids meets for virtual tea & cookies, on the FIRST SATURDAY of every month, from Noon-2 pm (Pacific Time).
(Find your local time here)

Links to the private Google Hangout are emailed to all WFD members, 15 minutes prior to our virtual gathering. All practicing Druids engaged in wildcrafting their paths of Druidry are warmly welcome to join us.

How to Join

In order to become a member of the World Fellowship of Druids, and take part in our monthly conversations, you must be willing to be a real person, use your real name, and contribute actively to the conversation. You must be willing and able to comport yourself in a caring, respectful manner when interacting with other members — despite any differences of opinion that may arise. And you must be actively walking your talk.

If you would like to join in the conversation, just fill out an application form, and I’ll put you on the mailing list, which we use (only) to send out our monthly link to the chat.

We look forward to having your voice in the conversation!

Yours, under the California Coast Live Oaks,