World Fellowship of Druids

The World Fellowship of Druids is a group of practicing Druids – widely dispersed across the face of the Earth – each actively wildcrafting his or her personal Path of Druidry, in the specific landscapes, seascapes, and sky-forms of the place in which s/he currently happens to live. We gather regularly, in a spirit of friendship, to encourage and support one another as we forge ever-stronger connections with our environments and their Sprits of Place.  We meet for virtual tea and cookies, share stories and laughter about the practice of Druidry, and discuss its evolving role in our lives.

How do we define modern Druidry?

Druidry is a modern religion of Nature spirituality in which each Druid draws their divine inspiration (or Awen), in some combination, from the following:

  • direct spiritual connection(s) forged between that Druid and their personal deities;
  • direct spiritual connection(s) forged between that Druid and the Spirits of Nature resident in the natural environment in which that Druid lives; and
  • the landscape, seascape, and sky-forms of the place in which that Druid lives, including the climate and seasonal cycles specific to that place.

Modern Druids hold varied beliefs about the nature of Divinity: monotheism, assorted forms of polytheism, pantheism, animism, or sometimes simply the scientist’s devout reverence for the universal powers and laws of Nature.

Modern Druids draw their inspiration and ritual traditions from varied sources: nature study, books of science, philosophy, history, world myths and legends, major world religions, aspects of modern paganism, curriculum materials drawn from one or more of the Neo-Druidic teaching orders, etc.

Modern Druids also hail from a wide variety of diverse cultural backgrounds and from countries scattered around the globe. While many may have historical or genetic links to the traditional lands of the Ancient Druids, many others do not. Our unique combination of personal knowledge and experience, our cultural heritage, and the land upon which we live will necessarily shape and color the Awen which flows through us.

Why a World Fellowship?

We believe that what continues to bind practicing Druids together, as the varied lands and cultures in which we live cause our specific practices and rituals to diversify, is a set of shared meta-practices. These meta-practices help us to define and further develop our own, personal paths of Druidry, and enable us to better understand the natural world, our place within it, and our proper relationship to the Holy Powers of Nature, as manifest in our local environments. These meta-practices typically include:

  • Nature study and stewardship practices within our local biomes;
  • Deep, self-directed readings on topics within fields such as philosophy, theology, cosmology, history, mythology, esotericism, ecology, the various sciences, etc.;
  • Ritual development and performance, focused on spiritual formation, regular worship, and the celebration of solstices, equinoxes, and other seasonal holidays appropriate to our local, natural environments;
  • Study and practice of various forms of bardic arts (poetry, storytelling, music, song, fine arts and crafts) that celebrate Nature and/or our personal perceptions of the divine;
  • Adaptation of lifestyle habits, and decision-making procedures so that we continue to live more and more honorably among our other-than-human kin;
  • Engagement in activities that seek to save, restore, protect, or otherwise improve the natural environment, in which humans are just one part; and
  • Contemplation of how we can tie all these facets together into a cohesive whole.

Supporting and encouraging one another in the process of developing these key, shared meta-practices, by openly sharing and discussing our efforts, struggles, successes, and failures in these areas, is the best way to build and maintain a true sense of community and fellowship among the Druids of the world.

What we Do

The World Fellowship of Druids organizes small groups of real people, conversing with other real people, via private, monthly Google Hangouts. The focus of our discussions is on the ways in which our paths of Druidry are evolving and changing due to the specifics of our local ecological niches. We do not spread ourselves too thin, by exploring “all things Druidry” here, but instead share and celebrate the diversity of our experiences in localizing the traditions and practices of Druidry, while searching for the common threads that continue to hold us together as a community. We enjoy group read-alouds of world myths and legends – enjoying the ancient bardic tradition of hearing the old stories brought to life. We discuss those myths and legends, to see what wisdom may be gleaned from the various cultures of the world. We study and discuss the variations and varied seasonal cycles of our local ecologies, and develop seasonal celebrations wildcrafted from our local environments. We discuss, plan, and implement strategies for living more lightly on the Earth. And, we laugh a lot.

How to Join

In order to become a member of the World Fellowship of Druids, and part of our monthly conversations, you must be willing to be a real person, use your real name, and contribute actively to the conversation. You must be willing and able to comport yourself in a caring, respectful manner when interacting with other members — despite any differences of opinion that may arise. And you must be actively walking your talk.

If you would like to join in the conversations, just email me to let me know (use my first name, at my domain), and I’ll get you on the d-list, which we use to send out our monthly link to the chat.

We look forward to having your voice in the conversation!

Yours, under the California Coast Live Oaks,